About Us

Robert Andes & Allison Murray share their passion for Texas travel at sightseetexas.com

Howdy! We’re Robert Andes and Allison Murray, a Yankee and an Okie currently living at the southernmost tip of Texas. Not quite high school sweethearts, but something close, we’ve found ourselves reconnecting on the internet. Facebook to be exact. Chatting about where life had taken us the past decade we decided to step away from the computer keyboard and meet up in real life. Within five months of that rendezvous, Allison’s Oklahoma house was listed for sale and things were in motion for a shared life in Brownsville, TX.

Robert, far more worldly and cultured, has lived in many places and can tell you tales of camping in the sandy hills of Saudia Arabia, where he lived for a bit as a child. A fine artist and college art instructor, travel has been instrumental to his artistic vision, honing his craft along with other artists in the likes of Italy and France. At the other end of the spectrum, Allison, a craft blogger and author (check out her book Crafting with Alcohol Inks!), hasn’t strayed too far from home most of her adult life. It didn’t take long spent with Robert, however, before she had a notebook filled with places she wants to see and things she wants to do. And one at a time, together, they’re ticking those boxes and marking those places off of her list.

Driving that U-haul truck filled to the gills down pretty much the entire length of Texas from Oklahoma we quickly realized just how big this state truly is. That first night spent in our new home we wondered what kind of diverse and amazing things there might be for us to do in a place so large? Well, it looks like we’re going to find out!

Want to learn a bit more about us outside of our love of Texas travel? Check out Robert Andes Art to see Rob’s amazing, classic body of work and Dream a Little Bigger for Allison’s glitter and kitty filled crafty life.